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On this page, you’ll learn about how wireless internet works, what can impact your Wi-Fi connections with Midco Fiber Internet, and how to optimize and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi.

How Wi-Fi Works

How wireless connects to your devices depends on many factors, such as device technology and your internet equipment.

  • Device capabilities and technology make a big difference in your Wi-Fi speed and performance.
  • Where you place your wireless gateway in your home matters quite a bit to your Wi-Fi performance overall, as it can amplify issues with competing conflicting radio waves.

Learn more about how Wi-Fi works and wireless interference

Connect Wi-Fi Devices

Have a new mobile phone, laptop or gaming device? See how to find your Wi-Fi network name and password and connect your wireless-enabled devices to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Find Wi-Fi info and connect devices

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Passwords help you make sure your network is secure and your information is protected – so neighbors and strangers can’t connect to your Wi-Fi. Learn how to protect your wireless network and yourself.

Prevent wireless theft

Whole Home Wi-Fi

See what whole home Wi-Fi could look like in your home with Midco Freestyle® Wi-Fi. Learn how to use the Midco Wi-Fi app to create a guest network, manage the devices connected to your Wi-Fi and more.

Control your Wi-Fi