Internet Support


When you use internet service from Midco®, we require that you use an approved cable modem that’s qualified to work with our network and to deliver the internet connection to your home. Customers may also choose to use a router; however, Midco does not offer or support router equipment. 

How to reboot your modem


How do I get a modem?

You can choose to purchase or lease a modem through Midco when you place your order with us by phone or online. Retail stores may also offer modems; however, please note that only equipment on our approved modems list is qualified to work with our network.

  • For Midco Gig internet speeds, an advanced DOCSIS 3.1 modem is required. (Gig is available in select markets.)
  • For all other internet packages from Midco, a DOCSIS 3.0 modem will enable you to get optimal speeds.
  • Older modems are not approved and may reduce your speed to lower than what you’re paying for with your package.

Learn more about DOCSIS modems. 


How to install your modem

An expert Midco technician can install your modem for you by visiting your home; however, we also offer the option to install your modem on your own. When you order a modem through Midco, you’ll receive a box with the equipment and all the instructions you need to successfully install and activate the modem. If you need any assistance, contact us.

If you're installing a wireless modem, learn about the best place to install your modem in your home, and check out these speed tips to get the most out of your internet.


How to find your wireless modem password or network key

Learn how to log in to your modem in order to access your modem's network name and password.