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Which TiVo experience are you using?

Press the TiVo button on your remote control to compare your screen with the images below.

Opt in to the New Experience

Learn more about the new TiVo Experience (available to all customers with compatible TiVo® DVRs by October 26, 2018) and see how to opt in for your TiVo® devices.1

How to register your TiVo

Register your TiVo on TiVo.com in order to schedule recordings and more online or through the TiVo app.

How to program your TiVo remote

You can program your TiVo remote to control your TV functions (such as power, volume and more).

How to use the TiVo app

Learn how set up, manage and stream recordings on your home network, using the TiVo app. You can even use the app as a remote control. 

Troubleshoot your TiVo® DVR or TiVo® Mini

Check out our troubleshooting tips for common TiVo questions.

Troubleshoot your recordings

See common questions regarding TiVo recordings.


1 Not all TiVo DVRs will be able to upgrade to the new experience. Watch for a letter or email about the update, and contact us with questions.