Digital Adapters

Digital Adapter Overview

We only offer HD digital adapters going forward, but current customers may have older, standard digital adapters in their homes.

If you have a combination of an HD digital adapter and an HDTV, you can watch these cable channels:

  • HD and standard-definition channels
  • Music Choice digital music channels
  • Limited access to premium movie channels1

Unfortunately, an HD or standard digital adapter does not provide access to ON Demand and pay-per-view content.

If you have a digital adapter, you may have any of the models listed here. Please compare the cable box in your home to the photos and models here to find respective user guide.

Evolution HD Digital Adapter

Evolution HD Digital Adapter

4 1/2" W x 3 1/2" D x 1" H

Evolution Guide

Motorola Standard Digital Adapter

Motorola Standard Digital Adapter

4 1/2" W x 6 1/2" D x 1 1/4" H

Motorola Guide

Pace Standard Digital Adapter

Pace Standard Digital Adapter

5" W x 5" D x 1" H

Pace Guide

Cisco Standard Digital Adapter

Cisco Standard Digital Adapter

4" W x 4 1/2" D x 1 1/4" H

Cisco Guide

You don’t have to wait for an appointment, and you don’t have to be a techie. In some cases, we’re able to offer a self-install option for your Midco digital adapter.

  • If you’re a new customer or someone adding a digital adapter to current service, you can order a mailed, self-install kit or you can pick it up from one of our Customer Experience Centers.
  • If you’re a customer moving services to a new address, just bring all current Midco equipment (cable boxes, modems, power cords and remotes) to your new location.

We’ve provided these helpful HD digital adapter self-install steps right here, or you can download them as a PDF. Follow the instructions, and activate your equipment today.


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Required to Start:

  • Midco HD digital adapter with two Velcro patches
  • Remote with two AA batteries
  • Power cord
  • Coax cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Your HD digital adapter serial number (from the back of the equipment)
  • Your Midco account number

If you received an HD digital adapter box from Midco, all this equipment should be included as listed above and shown below. If you’ve moved, you’ll need this to get started. If anything is missing, reach out at Midco.com/Contact, or stop by your local Customer Experience Center.

HD digital adapter self-install kit piecesConnect & Activate
  1. Connect a coax cable from your cable wall outlet to the Cable In (RF In) connection on your HD digital adapter. Make sure the connection is finger tight.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable from your HDMI connection on your HD digital adapter TV to the HDMI connection on your HDTV.
    • If you don’t have an HDTV, connect a coax cable from the To TV connection on the back of your adapter with the coax/antenna/cable in coax on the back of your TV.
  3. Plug the power cord into your HD digital adapter and then into an electrical outlet.
  4. Turn on your TV, and make sure volume is on.
  5. Using your TV remote, change the TV input setting to the proper HDMI input used to connect the HD digital adapter. 
    • If you don’t have an HDTV and you’re connected via coax cable, go to the back of your cable box. Flip the HD digital adapter switch to channel 3 or 4. Then, use your original TV remote to change your TV channel to match the back of your HD digital adapter.
  6. Enter your HD digital adapter serial number below, and click Activate Now.
    • Although you may have working channels, your HD digital adapter needs to activate to ensure you receive the correct channels in your cable TV package. 

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      You’ll know that the HD digital adapter is activated when the light on the front of the box is lit solid and no longer blinking. Other light indicators include:
      • Long, continuous blink: The HD digital adapter is in hunt mode and is not ready to be activated. If you tried to activate during hunt mode, the cable box will not activate. Wait for two short blinks, and try again.
      • Three, short blinks: The HD digital adapter is updating. Wait for two short blinks, and try again.
      • Two, short blinks: The HD digital adapter is ready to be activated.
Complete Equipment & Remote Setup
  1. Confirm that a TV picture shows after you activate your HD digital adapter.
    • If you don’t receive a TV picture after completing activation, you may need to switch your HDMI input on your TV, if you have an HDTV. If you don’t have an HDTV, you may need to change your channel on the back of your HD digital adapter to match your TV channel. (See Connect & Activate under step 2.)
  2. After your on-screen guide finishes loading, press Guide on your Midco remote to scroll and confirm you’re receiving channels provided in your cable package.
  3. Program your Midco remote control. Refer to the user guide provided with your remote, or visit our remote control setup page for details.

If your HD digital adapter won’t power on, if you don’t have the right channels or if you need other assistance, contact us for help.

Are you having issues with your HD digital adapter? The first thing to try is resetting your cable box, which essentially clears up some data and connections – just like any other electronic that needs to shut down from time to time. If that doesn’t work, check out our other helpful tips.

Your HD digital adapter includes a simple, on-screen guide so you can see what programs are on. Learn how to use the guide and change guide settings. Note: The on-screen guide is not available on standard digital adapters.

View TV Listings

You can view what’s on TV using your on-screen guide. Just press the Guide button on your remote. You’ll see TV listings for seven channels at a time – with 90 minutes of programming for each channel. You can arrow through the guide to see about 12 hours of future programs for each channel.

The guide shows colors for different types of content:

  • Orange: what you currently have selected
  • Blue: general programming
  • Green: sports
  • Magenta: kids programming
  • Purple: movies

The picture in your guide allows you to continue to watch a program while you look at other TV listings.

If you want to hide certain types of channels from displaying in your on-screen guide, check out your options for parental controls.

View Program Details

You can check out more details about a specific program in your TV listings. Use your remote to select the Info button on the TV listing grid. The guide will display a program summary, rating, channel, time, production year and length.

Did you know your HD digital adapter comes with the option to block viewing of programs based on ratings and channels? With parental controls, you can also hide titles from showing on the on-screen guide. If you use TV Everywhere streaming of networks in your cable package, there are also some streaming parental controls available.

Note: Parental controls for viewing on your TV aren’t available for standard digital adapters.

Leased equipment is the property of Midco, so you should return it to avoid unreturned equipment charges being placed on your account. 

  1. If you received new equipment from Midco, remove the prepaid return label from the box with your new equipment. Otherwise, use our live chat or call 1.800.888.1300 to request a prepaid address label be sent to your email address. 
  2. Pack your equipment. 
    • Please return all equipment, remotes and power cords. 
    • Detach all cables and power cords from the equipment, and wrap equipment in bubble wrap, protecting all sides. 
    • Wrap any remote controls in separate bubble wrap.
    • Bundle power cords before packing them into the box. 
  3. Seal the box with packaging tape, and place the address label on the box (covering any old address labels that might be present).
  4. Mail the package. You can drop it off at a UPS or U.S. Postal Service location, or request a pickup online at USPS.com or UPS.com

1 Premium channels require an additional subscription. Packages and channels are subject to change and may vary by location.