Fixed Wireless Support

This support area is intended for new and current customers using Midco Fixed Wireless Internet (formerly InvisiMax, located in portions of Minnesota and North Dakota). If you have other Midco Internet service, check out our Internet Support tools.

How Fixed Wireless Works

Midco Fixed Wireless Internet relies on microwave signals and antennas, but unlike satellite, your antenna won’t be pointed at the sky.

  • Fixed wireless internet uses point-to-point signals, meaning the antenna we place at your home will point at Midco fiber and equipment at a nearby tall water tower, elevator or other tall structure.
  • If you have a wireless router, you can connect both wired and wireless devices to your Midco Fixed Wireless Internet.
  • If you’re having signal problems, there are easy ways you can troubleshoot on your own. Reboot your router or antenna, or learn more about checking on your device and other connectivity.
  • While rain or snow shouldn’t affect your signal like they do with satellites – at times wind can misalign fixed wireless antennas. Other times, environmental factors (such as tree leaves growing at springtime) can affect line of sight between your antenna and Midco fiber. If this happens, let us know. A Midco technician will stop by to get things back in working order.

Transfer Email Contacts to Midco

On April 1, we transfered all the contents of your email account to Midco, but you will still need to take a few actions to get your email set up. Find help on how to export your InvisiMax email contacts from your InvisiMax email account to your Midco email or reset your email up on your devices.

Email Setup Help     Transfer Contacts

Technician Visit

Is a Midco technician coming to your home for an installation or a service call? Our professional team members make sure your fixed wireless service is set up and working properly. Before the visit, here are a few things to know:

  • An adult aged 18 or older must be present for the visit.
  • You’ll want to have networking and power outlets readily accessible to the technician.
  • A technician will visit your home to locate the best signal with the intention of performing a full install. However, if we are unable to get a proper signal to your location, there will be no cost or obligation to you.

What to expect from our technician

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See how you can use My Account to view your statements, pay your bill and opt in to Midco updates via email and text message. Watch the My Account overview video – and check out our detailed My Account how-to steps.