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Midco Completes Annandale Construction, Delivering Service and Speed Ahead of Schedule

Sept. 21, 2016 – Annandale, MN: Advanced internet, cable TV and phone services are now available to more than 2,600 homes and businesses in Annandale. Today, Midco announced that infrastructure construction is complete, bringing fiber-optic broadband to the city five weeks ahead of schedule. And last week, the company welcomed its 500th customer in Annandale.

“With faster speeds and lower costs, we’ve already seen a great deal of interest from Annandale residents and businesses in Midco’s enhanced services,” says John Adams, General Operations Manager at Midco. “Annandale has really welcomed Midco. It’s been an honor to work in such a fabulous community, and we’re happy to be here.”

“Midco and its partners did an amazing job with the 2016 build in Annandale. Their stellar professionalism, dedication to safety and attention to detail were evident from the first pre-construction meeting to the final cable being installed,” says Annandale Mayor Dwight Gunnarson.

Midco built approximately 292,000 feet – more than 55 miles – of infrastructure in Annandale. The resulting high-capacity network delivers the technology backbone to support the people and businesses of Annandale for years to come.

Midco’s standard service speeds run as high as 200 megabits per second – faster than what’s traditionally been available in Annandale. By the end of 2017, Midco will upgrade its system to offer 1 gigabit speeds across its entire service area.

Delivering Service and Speed

Midco’s entry in the Annandale market ends the city’s multiyear attempt to provide a broadband alternative for the small Minnesota community. Annandale’s efforts to improve its broadband service became statewide news during the 2014 and 2015 legislative sessions, as city officials and businesses testified about the crippling effect that unreliable service had on local businesses.

In August 2015, Midco announced it would build out services in Annandale. Construction began in April 2016. In June, the first services were turned on for the first neighborhoods.

“Our residents are not only impressed with their near-perfect restoration, but also with the professionalism and friendliness of the crews and service technicians. Because of great planning, their construction was swift and unobtrusive,” notes Gunnarson. “Even though they were few and far between, when a problem arose, Midco tackled it head on and provided a solution satisfactory to all. Great job, Midco!”

A Bright Future

With Midco, customers get blazing-fast internet speeds, must-watch cable TV packages and crystal-clear home phone. So it’s no surprise that neighborhoods outside Annandale city limits also have expressed interest in Midco services, too. Midco is currently evaluating whether it will expand service to those areas, and will be in contact with those neighborhoods in coming months.

“We’re very pleased with the strong customer interest in Midco,” Adams says. “We take great pride in delivering superior services and satisfying our customers.”

At a May groundbreaking event, Mayor Gunnarson looked ahead to the possibility and opportunity the city now has. “We look forward to residents improving their and their family’s lives by taking advantage of opportunities provided by an awesome connection to the world,” he said.

Learn what Midco has to offer at Midco.com/Annandale.

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