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Midco’s Internet and Email Services Restored

Jan. 13, 2017 – Sioux Falls, SD: Midco’s internet and email services have been restored. The service interruption affected about 300,000 customers throughout South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Friday morning at 8:15 am CT, Midco’s internet and email services were interrupted. At 10:30 am, Midco rebooted equipment to restore service. By 1 pm, the majority of service had been restored. 

“We don’t know the root cause, but we have some preliminary causes,” says Jon Pederson, Midco’s Chief Technology Officer. “We have some routing equipment that routes traffic throughout the network and upon close inspection it was found that to be at 100 percent utilization. We believe there was a traffic loop that caused that utilization to spike and that cutoff some of our network resources.”

If customers are still experiencing service interruptions, Pederson recommends rebooting the modem. We encourage Midco email users to wait until Saturday morning to log in and check email messages, to allow the email backlog to catch up more quickly. If customers have further questions, Midco’s customer care representatives are available to provide answers at 1.800.888.1300.

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Paige Pearson Meyer
Director of Community and Media Relations