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Exceeding Expectations in Fargo

Midco Field Technician Nate Hoekstra cares deeply about the people who surround him – his family, his coworkers and the Midco customers he encounters on any given day.

“Customers are what drive our company, and every customer he meets is his number one priority at the time and thereafter,” said Field Service Manager Nevada Moe. “He'll follow up with them, just to see how everything's working. If things aren't working right and we need to get back out there, he's the first one on the phone with a manager to set somebody up to get out there or go himself.”

Hoekstra’s dedication to Midco customers isn’t limited to the hours designated on his schedule, either. When a storm blew through Fargo late at night, bringing down power lines and causing major outages, no one had to call him in.

“Nate, out of the blue, shows up around midnight to help out,” remembered Field Service Manager Ryan Thompson. “He wasn't on call and no one called him, but his first instinct after seeing all the outages was to come and see where he could help out. It just shows how much he cares about the customers.”

Outside of work, Hoekstra loves visiting parks and enjoying community activities with his wife, Amber, and their two young daughters.

“Nate is a big kid himself,” said Amber. “He loves to get down and play dolls. He'll play cars. I mean, he's not one to just sit there and watch. He never misses an opportunity to say that he loves them.”

Military veterans and first responders also hold a special place for Hoekstra. He uses his woodworking hobby to find unique ways to thank those who serve our country and communities.

“I do a lot with American flags,” he explained. “I'll burn American flags onto wood, and if they have a badge, I'll actually etch that badge into the flag itself and then I'll send it their way, free of charge.”

Hoekstra’s dedication to family, community and Midco customers doesn’t go unnoticed. His coworkers consider him a go-to person when they have a question, or when a new field technician needs a mentor.

“Nate's a trailblazer, because he's genuine and honest,” said Field Service Manager Matt Duchsherer. “He's positive and supports the team – all of our team – the field technicians, the managers and even the managers above them.”

Leaders like Hoekstra make Midco a great place to work – and they make our  communities better places to live. Learn more about Nate and check out our other Midco Trailblazers.