Whole Home Wi-Fi

Extend Your In-Home Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi is great! You can connect to the internet from anywhere in your home without pesky cords getting in the way. And with more devices connecting to Wi-Fi – phones, tablets, even household appliances and your bathroom scale – Wi-Fi is more useful than ever.

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi signal can weaken due to modem placement, device technology, electronic frequencies, construction materials and other factors. You can try to resolve this with our internet speed tips, or check back to see our new whole home Wi-Fi product, coming soon! This service makes it easy and affordable to extend your wireless signal throughout your home! 

Whole Home Wi-Fi from Midco

Professional Assessment

A trained Midco technician visits your home to perform testing and produce a heat map of your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Custom Wireless Setup

The technician recommends how many Whole Home Wi-Fi access points you need from Midco and installs them.

Wireless Strengthened

Your modem receives your Midco internet signal, and the access points strengthen your in-home wireless signal. You can see the improvement in an updated heat map.

Wi-Fi Happiness

Whole Home Wi-Fi automatically routes your devices in the optimal wireless traffic lane, making everyone happy in your home.

New Product Coming Soon!

1Monthly price includes up to three devices (a minimum of two is required)If more than three devices are needed to provide quality Wi-Fi coverage, each additional device is $2 per month. Installation fees may apply. Customer must have Midco internet service. Service is available only to residential customers in select markets.