Cable TV Support

How Power Loss Affects Parental Controls

If you lose power to your home or to your Midco cable TV equipment, you will still retain your preset parental controls, purchase PIN controls and locks – as well as your programming favorites and reminders.

After power is lost, sometimes it can take time before the on-screen guide loads program, their ratings and titles. To prevent inappropriate content from showing while the on-screen guide populates, you can choose to lock all programs until the show information is available.

To lock all programs after a power outage:

  1. In the parental controls menu, choose PINs Setup, and press OK/SEL on your remote.
  2. In the section on lost power, choose Yes to lock all programs until the guide information populates, or No to allow all content to be shown.

If you’d like to return to the parental controls menu, press Last.

To restore locks, use any of these methods:

  • While you’re watching TV, press the Lock button anytime, and enter your PIN.
  • From the Setup Menu, select Parental Controls Setup. Under Master Locks, choose Yes to restore locks.
  • Turn your TV and cable TV equipment off and then on again.