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How do I set up my Emergency Dispatch Contacts?

The Emergency Dispatch contacts are the persons contacted by the central monitoring station when an alarm is tripped. When central monitoring contacts a person on the Emergency Dispatch list, the person must give a secret word, which is also known as a central station passcode.

To manage Emergency Dispatch contacts, select Security > Emergency Dispatch Setup on the toolbar.

The Emergency Dispatch screen is displayed.

Emergency Dispatch Setup

From this screen, you can:

  • Add a new contact to the Emergency Dispatch list.
  • Modify the details of a contact on the Emergency Dispatch list.
  • Delete a contact from the Emergency Dispatch list.
  • View and modify the Emergency Dispatch secret word (central station passcode).
  • Enter a permit number for the alarm system and the expiration date (for areas where required).

Note: You cannot change the order of the first emergency contact.

Element Description
Add Contact Button       

Click to display the Add Emergency Contact dialog box to enter the details of a new contact.

Call Order

When verifying an alarm, centralmonitoring attempts to reach contact #1 first, then contact #2, and so on.

Call Order Button

Drag up or down to change the Call Order of the associated Emergency Dispatch contact.

When to Call

Verify Button

Verify-The central monitoring station attempts to reach one of these persons (according to call order) before calling the authorities.

Notify Button

Notify-The centralmonitoring station attempts to reach all of these persons (according to call order) after calling the authorities.

First/Last Name First and last names of the Emergency Dispatch contact.

Contact phone number and type of phone (home, mobile, and so on) of the
Emergency Dispatch Contact.


Modify Button    Click to modify the associated Emergency Dispatch contact's information.

Delete Button    Click to delete the associated contact from the Emergency Dispatch list.