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Move Fiber Forward with Midco.

Leap ahead into tomorrow and a seamlessly connected smart world – brought to you by Midco.

Fiber Forward will use Midco’s robust fiber network and next-gen fiber tech to deliver 10G speeds, incredible reliability and increase performance to support what’s next in revolutionary innovations.

Our Fiber Forward investment paves the way for a future where you can experience game-changing 10 Gig speeds. This kind of speed will bring us closer to next-gen innovations, like:

  • Remote medical diagnostics
  • Higher resolution and better responsiveness for video streaming and gaming
  • Virtual holodecks and interactive video walls
  • Augmented reality

Fiber on the way!

All throughout the year, we will expand and upgrade our fiber network in more and more places. We’ve just announced plans to begin construction in multiple communities that will benefit from this future-proof investment.

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Current Customers

Who’s excited for fiber?! If you're curious about what our fiber network expansion means for you, we’ve got lots of great resources and information for you to learn more about fiber services. Learn about the conversion process and see what’s possible with fiber technology. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.)

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New Customers

There’s never been a more exciting time to sign up with Midco. We’re providing customers with some of the fastest speeds around and the bandwidth to power all your devices at home or at your business. From world-class technology to local customer support, you get it all! See what services are available where you live.


Fiber Forward FAQ

Amazingly cool things are on the way, and you’ve probably got some questions. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below to learn more about Fiber Forward and what it means for you.

Fiber Forward is all about bringing you the latest technology now and into the future.  
For the now, we're working on extending and upgrading our fiber network through fiber conversions and new builds. This will bring increased service reliability, lower latency and faster fiber speeds in select areas. This means your connection works for your life, whether you’re a binge watcher, an online gamer, a small business owner or a multi-site company.  
For the future, our Fiber Forward investment paves the way for the implementation of 10 Gig speeds. This lightning-fast connection will allow for the big innovations and next-gen technology that will revolutionize our world.  
Our goal is to update our entire network to fiber. This is a multi-year project, but we are committed to delivering you the best services possible as soon as we can.  
We’ve already started upgrading select communities across our footprint with plans to start construction in many more areas throughout 2022.

No. We’re not raising prices because of these upgrades. These are long-term, generational investments that are part of our commitment to a best-in-class customer experience.

When we get ready to start an upgrade, you will be one of the first people to know. We are dedicated to communicating with you at every step of the process.  
Whether you’re a current customer or not, we’ll send you a note letting you know our plans for your area and to be on the lookout for construction crews. Plus, we will place signs throughout your neighborhood to advise you when we are there.  

Most likely, yes. There are several steps in the fiber conversion process like obtaining easements, surveying the area and actual construction crews working to install a service line directly to your home or business. Learn what to expect during the construction process.

It will depend on the area you live. We are working to customize the construction plan for what makes sense to each individual community.  
If there is an network upgrade in the area, you may receive improved reliability and enhanced speeds automatically. In other cases, you may need to schedule a conversion appointment. We will let you know either way when and how you can expect your fiber upgrade. 
We know it can get confusing as a G next to a number doesn’t always mean the same thing.  
To Midco, G usually stands for gigabits per second. Our goal is to bring you those 10 Gig speeds through our Fiber Forward initiative. Currently, many Midco customers can already experience 1 Gig, 2 Gig or 5 Gig speeds.  
5G is a term you’ve probably seen on commercials for popular wireless carriers or maybe in the corner of your cell phone. It stands for fifth generation cellular technology. This is taking the place of 4G, which previously had been the standard.  

Our Fiber Forward investment will nearly double the Midco network to 22,000 miles of fiber.

Reach out to learn more about Fiber Forward in your community.

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At Midco, the future is fiber and already underway.

Plans are underway for North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Kansas to upgrade 300,000 homes and businesses. Eventually all communities served by Midco will be upgraded with fiber.

Work is underway for the entire state, with Dickinson, Bismarck and Grand Forks being the first projects for North Dakota.

Included Communities


Glen Ullin
Grand Forks

New Salem

South Heart
West Fargo

We’re going big in South Dakota. Rollout begins in Sioux Falls followed by plans for fiber upgrades for homes and businesses throughout the state.

Included Communities


Elk Point

Mission Hill

Sioux Falls

We’re kicking things off in Minnesota with plans for fiber upgrades for homes and businesses in the entire state.

Briggs Lake
Clear Lake

Detroit Lakes
Fish Lake

Lake Martha
Lake Park
Linn Lake
Long Lake

North Branch
Pine City
St. Augusta

Fiber is coming to Kansas starting for customers in the Kansas City area.

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