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Customer Proprietary Network Information

Notice of Rights Concerning Use of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Updated February 2019

Midco collects information about the voice services you purchase and how you use them. Some of this information is known as “Customer Proprietary Network Information” or “CPNI,” and the collection and use of your CPNI is protected by federal law. CPNI includes any information on the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, amount of use of your voice Service and calling patterns that we obtain because we are your voice carrier. CPNI, as regulated by federal law, does not include names and telephone numbers published in telephone directories or other information we obtain as a result of providing cable TV or internet Service to you.

We use CPNI to monitor the quality of the Service we provide and to prepare your bills. We also use CPNI to market all of our Services and equipment, as well as to notify you when our Services may be out for maintenance or when there may be changes made to those Services. We share CPNI with companies that are affiliated with us and with unaffiliated companies that provide billing and other necessary services that we use to offer voice Service. When we share CPNI with unaffiliated companies, we require them to enter into agreements to protect the confidentiality of your information.

You have a right, and we have a duty, under federal law to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI. We have the right under federal law to use CPNI to provide voice service, to bill you, to market services related to the Services you already buy from us, to protect our rights, facilities and property, as well as other carriers and users of our Services and to respond to lawful demands from law enforcement agencies. You have the right to limit our use of your CPNI for marketing services other than those that are related to Services you already buy from us and to withdraw access to your CPNI at any time. Withdrawing access to your CPNI will not affect our ability to provide voice service to you, or the quality of the Service we provide. However, if you do withdraw access to your CPNI, it may be more difficult for us to help you if you want to purchase the most cost-effective Service package. Allowing us to use your CPNI may enhance our ability to offer products and Services tailored to your needs. If you want to allow us to use your CPNI, you do not have to do anything.

If you do not wish to allow us to use your CPNI for marketing services other than those that are related to Services we already provide to you, you can notify us at any time in writing at the following address: Attn: CPNI Opt Out, Midco Communications, P.O. Box 5010, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57117. The request must state that you want to deny access to your CPNI, include your account number, list all of the telephone numbers that you wish to cover with the request and be signed by someone who is an authorized party for your account. In accordance with Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) rules, if you do not make a request to limit or disallow use of your CPNI within thirty (30) days of this notice, we will assume that you have permitted us to use your CPNI until you tell us otherwise. Whatever decision you make is binding on us for the use of your CPNI outside of the Services to which you already subscribe until you affirmatively revoke or limit your approval or denial.