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Midcontinent Business Solutions Earns MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification

September 10, 2014 - Sioux Falls, SD: Midcontinent Business Solutions has earned the prestigious Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certification from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Level 2.0 certification requires vigorous testing to ensure a provider can meet the functionality and performance standards set by the MEF, the only industry body offering certification of Carrier Ethernet Services.

The achievement of CE 2.0 certification places Midcontinent Business Solutions among cutting-edge industry leaders. Only twelve companies in the United States have received 2.0 certification; this group includes such internationally recognized brands as Comcast and AT&T. Midcontinent Business Solutions is the only MEF 2.0 certified company in North Dakota and South Dakota. Additionally, Midcontinent is now the 7th Service Provider worldwide to be MEF 1.0, MEF 2.0 Certified, and have a MEF 1.0 and MEF 2.0 CECP (Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional) on staff.

“The certification is good news for businesses in the Dakotas,” said Scott Smidt, Midcontinent’s Vice President of Business Engineering and Operations. “With MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0, the business community can have confidence that Midcontinent’s business network is designed with the capacity and reliability to meet their needs. MEF CE 2.0 certification ensures that our customers can receive a secure, scalable and reliable connection to span local, regional and national networks.”

A global industry alliance comprising more than 200 organizations, the MEF’s mission is to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. The MEF develops Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide. Midcontinent has been a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum since November 2012.

For frequently asked questions regarding CE 2.0 certification, please see below.

For more information about the Forum, including a complete listing of all current MEF members and certified carriers, please visit the MEF website.

MEF CE 2.0 Certification FAQ

As of August 27, 2014, Midcontinent Business Solutions is Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified. To help you understand this accomplishment a little better, here are some frequently asked questions.

What is the MEF? The MEF is “a global industry alliance of more than 220 telecommunications service providers, cable MSOs, network equipment/software manufacturers, semiconductors vendors and testing organizations.” Its mission is to “accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services.” Organizations can become members of the MEF; Midcontinent has been a member since November of 2012.

What is Carrier Ethernet? Carrier Ethernet is extensions to Ethernet that enable telecommunication network providers such as Midcontinent to provide Ethernet services to customers and utilize Ethernet technology in their networks.

Why is 2.0 certification such a big deal? By achieving 2.0 certification, Midcontinent is joining an elite group of cutting-edge industry leaders. This certification communicates to the business community that our business network has the reliability, capacity, and security they need.

MEF 2.0 certification is not something every company is able to achieve. To put it into numbers, Midcontinent’s 2.0 certification makes the company:

  • The 30th service provider in the world to achieve MEF 2.0
  • One of 12 certified service providers in the US.
  • The one and only service provider in Dakotas.
  • The 14th service provider in the world that has been able to obtain MEF 1.0 and MEF 2.0.
  • The 7th service provider in the world to be MEF 1.0, MEF 2.0 and have a MEF 1.0 and MEF 2.0 CECP (Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional) on staff.

What does it take to get certified? Certification required extensive and rigorous testing of the Midcontinent network to determine if it met the MEF’s standards for functionality and performance.

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