FCC Approves Use of 6 GHz Band

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Midco Excited for 6 GHz Possibilities

Sioux Falls, SD – Midco commends the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its efforts to revitalize crucial mid-band spectrum in the 6 GHz band. Chairman Pai's decision to allow unlicensed use in all 1200 MHz is crucial to unlocking this band's potential.

As explained by Jon Pederson, Midco’s Chief Technology Officer: "The 6 GHz band offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase both the broadband capacity to the home using higher capacity fixed wireless, and Wi-Fi capacity in the home by using wider channels. The 6 GHz is crucial to help companies like Midco close the Digital Divide, because it enables us to deploy Fixed 5G-capable equipment to offer even faster speeds to more customers."

The innovative use of an automated frequency coordination system, combined with the increased deployment heights and power requested by Midco and other operators, will protect incumbents and allow rural operators like Midco to better serve customers. 

Midco currently uses the neighboring 5 GHz band in its fixed wireless network, and knows firsthand its workhorse-like abilities. Due to the proximity to and similairlity of the 6 GHz to the 5 GHz band, Midco can quickly begin using the 6 GHz band in contiguous and non-contiguous intraband carrier aggregation applications. The additional 850 MHz of mid-band spectrum will help Midco deploy and deliver Fixed 5G services to rural America, enabling possible gigabit speeds. 

Midco looks forward to reviewing the draft order and working with the FCC to finalize the rules. On behalf of the rural communities it serves, Midco thanks Chairman Pai for his leadership in allowing operators an opportunity to use this crucial spectrum to close the Digital Divide.

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