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5 Ways Wi-Fi Should Work for You

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Bedrooms. Kitchens. Nooks. Crannies. Gone are the days of the “computer room” – or a room solely dedicated to your computer usage. (To the Gen Zers reading this, yes, that was a thing.) Our connected devices are intimately integrated into our everyday lives. From our vacuums to our phones, baby monitors to coffee makers, it's dependent on our Wi-Fi.

Cue Midco Wi-Fi. Designed to create a sophisticated wireless network within your own home – think of it as the expansion pack to your Wi-Fi today. We use a mix of mesh-based, cloud-based and AI-based technology to expand your signal from one main source (hint: your modem or internet gateway) and strengthen your Wi-Fi to work better for you.

Today’s Wi-Fi should get to know you.

In a non-creepy, haunted-smart-home kind of way.

Secure cloud connectivity brings endless power and memory as smart Wi-Fi constantly learns and adapts. Midco Wi-Fi readjusts based on individual use patterns and quickly recalculates if a new, signal interfering object is detected. Spend a lot of time in your office? Rearrange your furniture? Smart Wi-Fi optimizes and re-optimizes to understand how to adapt to your life, not the other way around.

Know your network’s who, what and where.

There’s power in control, but your Wi-Fi should let you control as much, or as little, as you want. Knowing how many devices and users are connecting is one of the easiest ways to monitor your home network. And knowing that information using an intuitive app? That’s even better.

If you need to take it up a notch, your Wi-Fi should also welcome guests with password setup. That way when people come to stay, you can provide them with their access password. When they leave, simply remove them as a user or change the password. (It’s ideal for vacation rentals!)

Managing people and devices

Setting Midco Wi-Fi passwords

Wi-Fi should help set screen-time boundaries.

Are you spending your Sundays on your screen? Stop the endless scrolling by scheduling an internet break – a great feature for parents looking to limit screen time as well.

Create and save custom device freeze schedules, or just do a 15-minute time out. Not sure what we mean? Consider some common freeze options that we see:

  • School Nights: Schedule the device to freeze as early as 5 pm to as late as 9 am on Sundays through Thursdays.
  • Bedtime: Schedule the device to freeze as early as 5 pm to as late as 9 am seven days a week.
  • Screen-free Sundays: Take a day off. Freeze your internet on Sunday (or any other day of the week).
  • Indefinitely: Manually freeze the device from when applied to when removed.
  • Custom: Schedule a custom device freeze any time of day, any day(s) of the week.

Managing parental controls

Schedule a device freeze

Setting a time out

Midco Wi-Fi is the backup each parent needs. Know your home network, your devices and your family are protected.

Explore how parental controls benefit you


Get whole-home security with Midco Wi-Fi. Key safety features. Network control. Content limits. Parental controls. Complete visibility. And more.

Learn about smart home protection

Peace of mind, included.

Remember when we mentioned how your vacuums, phones, baby monitors and coffee makers all connect to your Wi-Fi? You may not realize it, but all your connected devices are hackable. Cybercriminals can attempt to infiltrate your network using any weak link they can find and capture sensitive data files or account passwords.

Implementing advanced digital security can start with your Wi-Fi. Don’t just hope for protection – expect it with real-time data security that protects from threats like ransomware, phishing attacks, malware and botnets.

Midco Wi-Fi security

Turn on online protection

Stay nimble with Advanced IoT™ protection

Wi-Fi is your built-in motion detector.

No additional equipment required. By using Wi-Fi-connected devices and Midco Wi-Fi pods, your wireless signal can also detect motion – and inform you when family members or guests arrive or leave.


  • Live View: Take a look inside your network to see where the motion is currently happening.
  • Motion Alerts: Receive push notifications when motion takes place, based on when people are at home.
  • Motion History: Look back 24 hours or 7 days to the history of motion in your home.

Personalization: Customize Sense settings to fit you, your family and your home, including motion sensitivity, pet mode, Motion Alert frequency, and where motion detection is tracked in your home.

Midco Wi-Fi Sense

People at Home

It’s all made possible with Midco Wi-Fi.

Your internet should work for you, not against you. Midco Wi-Fi makes it simple to enhance and protect your home network. Contact us to add Midco Wi-Fi today.




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