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Win at Parenting with Wi-Fi Controls

Kids playing safely on tablet devices with parental controls.

“Because I said so.”

It's a phrase every parent is guilty of saying. But when it comes to whole-home Wi-Fi safety, the saying alone can only go so far. While the internet offers many benefits for kids, like entertainment, creative outlets and learning opportunities, it can also be a scary place that requires vigilance and boundaries.

Imagine a child wandering around without limits. Not ideal. The same holds true on the world wide web. In the digital age, parents need an extra helping hand – or pod – beyond what a router or mobile device setting can do.

That’s where Midco Wi-Fi comes in.

Midco Wi-Fi extends your connection via sophisticated pods placed throughout your home. It also places the power of your internet and connected devices in your control via a user-friendly app.

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Monitoring your kids’ online activities can end up becoming another full-time job. You’re much too busy already – what with taking care of them, yourself and all the other things life throws your way. Instead, trust Midco Wi-Fi to do most of the work for you.

With its user-friendly app and pods strategically placed throughout your home, Midco Wi-Fi places the control in your hands (literally). Not only can you monitor your home network, but you can also monitor all your connected devices and users.

What does that mean for your family? More safety and security. Less worry and stress.

Midco Wi-Fi guards your network from cyber threats. Secure your smart home environment with whole-home visibility and key safety features.

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Midco Wi-Fi HomePass App parental controls.

Parental controls for the win.

Parenting is all about setting healthy boundaries. By reinforcing tech rules, you are developing and teaching your kids good habits. With the Midco Wi-Fi app, you can control what kids see at the device level or by user profile.

Customizable internet filter settings come with options to limit content, such as restricting inappropriate websites for young family members, setting screen time rules, blocking ads and more.

Ad Blocking

It’s easier than ever for kids to click on an ad and make a purchase. With Midco Wi-Fi, you can activate adblocking for your network, an individual user or a specific device.

The feature blocks known advertising servers from displaying web and video advertisements. A great way to prevent ads and marketing from reaching young kids!

Content Access Rules

Content access rules filter which online content is suitable. You’re able to manually block up to 50 total sites network-wide, for a user or on a device. Automatically block content based on the following levels:

  • No limits: All content is accessible.
  • Kids appropriate: Filters content deemed inappropriate for young children.
  • Teenager friendly: Filters content deemed inappropriate for teenagers.
  • No adult content: Filters all adult content.
Time Outs

Too much time online undermines mental wellness and negatively affects sleep. Limit screen time – for you and your kids – with Midco Wi-Fi. Stop your kids from endlessly scrolling by scheduling an internet break, whether that’s on a custom device freeze schedule or in 15-minute intervals.

Plus, you can see data consumption stats as well to really monitor their online behavior. Meaning, if they find a way to cheat on the time out, you’ll know!

Manage Users and Devices

Prioritize family safety and quality time at home with content restrictions. This can be done for users or devices connected to your Midco Wi-Fi network. Setting permissions allows you to customize schedules, pause internet access and see when kids were last home and online.

Guard Your Network

When it comes to cybersecurity, Midco Wi-Fi is your first line of defense. It protects your network, devices and family from cyber threats.

Midco Wi-Fi technology can:

  • Automatically block unusual behaviors and quarantine infected devices.
  • Protect devices against malware, spyware, botnets, adware, SPAM, ransomware, crypto-mining and phishing.
  • Blocks incoming (Intrusion Protection) and outgoing (Outbound Protection) device connections to known harmful IP addresses.

It knows which domains your smart home devices are supposed to regularly access. If a connected device tries to access a previously unknown domain, it is immediately quarantined so it cannot infect other network devices, and you receive a notification on the app.

That's instant peace of mind. That's one less thing to think about. That's confidence that your whole-home network is protected.

You're covered with whole home Wi-Fi security.

Have one less thing to worry about as a parent. Safeguard your kids’ online activities with Midco Wi-Fi. Contact us to add Midco Wi-Fi today.

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