Midco Field Engineers Achieve New Heights

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Achieving New Heights: Midco Fixed Wireless Field Engineers

This job isn’t for everyone. The fixed wireless field engineers at Midco are a hearty group. Depending on the schedule, they could gear up, climb and brave the Midwest weather anywhere between one and five days per week.

“We’re actually certified to climb up to 500 feet,” explained Matt Jeitz, Midco Fixed Wireless Field Engineer. “But most of our equipment sits at around 300 feet on either towers we’ve built ourselves or ones we’ve leased like water towers and grain elevators. You really can’t be afraid of anything to do this job.”


“If there is a stretch where you don’t climb for a bit and then go back up, you definitely feel it,” laughed Sam Dwyer, Midco Fixed Wireless Field Engineer. “But once you’re up there, you get the job done and you feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.”

Top Priorities

Sam, Matt and the team are the boots on the ground – or in the air – for Midco to ensure business and residential customers receive the services they need.

But above that, the number one priority for this team is safety.

“We have a very rigid safety and training program,” said Matt. “Every year we complete safety training and a CPR refresher course. There are always at least two people on every job, so we have someone who inspects us before we climb.”

An Unbeatable Perk

While there are a lot of intense safety measures and checks before and during each climb, there is still time to enjoy the views.


“I’ve been climbing for about two years,” said Sam. “I like to share the pictures I’ve taken up there. You really get a whole different perspective.’

“It’s absolutely breathtaking to see the world from a vantage point that no one notices,” said Matt. “You can’t go up so high and not appreciate it. It’s one of the greatest things about this job.”

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