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A Permanent Bond: Friendship and Field Techs

Having a job is one thing – having a career you love is quite another. The latter was something Patrick Lesnar was craving.

“I was doing apartment maintenance and was getting kind of fed up with the job,” remembered Patrick. “I started looking for jobs and couldn't find anything for the longest time. Then, I received an email from Midco thanking me for being a valued customer and that there were positions open in the area. So, I applied, got the job and I was there for a week before I recruited Tyler because I just loved it instantly.”

Tyler Pommerville, Patrick’s friend and former coworker, saw how well Patrick was fitting in at Midco and was ready for a change himself.

“Patrick felt like I was going to be a good fit for it, and he was definitely right on that,” said Tyler. “The first couple weeks, I was a little nervous because there's a lot of information right away. But after I got my feet wet a little bit, I knew this is where I wanted to be.”

"It's a job where I feel like this is my career."

Patrick Lesnar, Midco Field Tech

Finding their footing as field techs.

Now as Midco field techs, Tyler and Patrick are out and about most days, meeting with customers and helping them connect to their services.

“Dealing with customers is one of my favorite things to do,” explained Tyler. “It feels good to be able to solve a problem for a customer. The interaction with them is always fantastic, and I love being the guy who saves the day – even if it's in a small way.”

While the friends work to serve Midco customers, there is still a little room for a healthy rivalry.

“I started before him, so he's trying to surpass me in our field tech levels,” laughed Patrick. “But I'm not going to let him do that. It helps us both and keeps us growing in our careers.”

Putting it in ink.

After being on the job for about a year, Patrick and Tyler knew they wanted to commemorate this adventure – and their friendship – in a special way.

After chatting one night, they both decided to get matching tattoos of the Midco logo.

Midco Tattoos.jpeg
Tyler Pommerville and Patrick Lesnar, Midco field techs, show off their Midco tattoos. 

“You know how when you get a new job, there's like the novelty of a new job,” stated Patrick. “You're excited to just do the job every day because it's new. Well, after about three months, that still hadn't worn off. After about six months, it still hasn’t worn off. And still, to this day, it hasn't worn off.”

“This is one of the first jobs that, in my perspective, I have no complaints about,” said Tyler. “I enjoy coming to work every day. I look forward to it. I get to meet new people – I get to do fun things. And the camaraderie among the staff members is fantastic. It just feels like a big family. It's awesome.”

“It's a job where I feel like this is my career,” said Patrick. “I've never gotten a job before where I'm like, this is what I want to do. I want to be here till I retire.”

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