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At Midco, we believe your internship should prepare you for a meaningful career. Our program is designed to do that – and more. You’ll work on projects both independently and cooperatively as part of a team – learning and growing personally and professionally. Plus, the competitive pay is just the start.

Midco Internship Program

Midco interns become true members of our team. You’re treated as a full-time team member from day one. You’re a part of the everyday work, special projects and more – gaining valuable experience and contributing to Midco’s success.

Internships typically begin in May and last for 8-12 weeks. You’ll work alongside full-time team members, and contribute to projects relevant to your chosen career path. You’ll also get the chance to explore other opportunities and careers at Midco, and network with a diverse group of professionals and leaders throughout the company.

Stepping Stone for Your Career

For those looking to transition into full-time employment at Midco, an internship is a great first step. Midco internships are designed to prepare participants for full-time positions – whether that’s here or at another company.

Internship FAQ

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Internships typically begin late May or early June and last for 8 to 12 weeks

Midco recruiters work closely with hiring managers to find the most qualified applicant who fits our company culture for each internship. See our Applicant Help section for details on the hiring process.  

You need a strong desire to learn, great communication skills and a high standard for quality service and ethics. You'll work both independently on projects and cooperatively with others as part of a team, cultivating the skills and requirements listed in the job description.

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