Cable TV Support

My remote is not working. What should I do?

  1. Confirm batteries are working by pressing a button on the remote
    1. If it illuminates, batteries are installed correctly and holding a charge
    2. If it does not illuminate or illuminates dimly, batteries are installed incorrectly or not holding a charge - reinstall batteries or replace if needed
  2. Confirm remote control is pointed at device to be controlled
    1. Remote controls use IR (Infrared) to control devices
    2. IR requires line of sight between remote control and device
  3. If IR extender is connected to equipment
    1. Confirm connected completely to input on rear of device
    2. Confirm line of sight between IR extender and remote control
  4. Press the proper device button on top of remote control before attempting control
    • CBL for set top box functions
    • TV for television functions
    • DVD for DVD functions
    • VCR for VCR functions
    • AUX for stereo receiver functions
  5. Program remote control to the device
    1. Specific remote control instructions available under remote controls
    2. Attempt Auto-Search method for programming if three-digit or five-digit code method does not work
  6. Move closer to device. If device begins to respond, ensure front of equipment is accessible to signal of remote control
    1. Place equipment close to the front edge of shelves
    2. Do not place equipment behind a plate of glass/glass doors
    3. Do not have items sitting in front of equipment