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Remote Control Help

The information on this page should help you troubleshoot your remote control if you’re experiencing issues. For more help, review your remote control model’s user guide.

If your remote control isn’t working:

  1. Make sure the device you’re trying to control is plugged in and receiving power.
  2. Check that you’ve selected the correct button for the device that you’re trying to control.
    • For example, if you’re trying to control the TV, press the TV button.
  3. Move any items obstructing your remote’s line of sight to your device.
  4. Replace your remote’s batteries.
  5. Reboot the cable box, TV or other device that you’re trying to control.
  6. Reprogram your remote to your device.

If you’ve tried all of these, contact us.

Line of Sight Is Important

Your remote user infrared (IR) to control devices and needs a clear line of sight to your TV, DVR or other device you’re trying to control. Move any items out of the way if they’re obstructing the signal between your remote and your device.

If you have an IR extender connected to your equipment, confirm it’s tightly connected to the input on the rear of your device, and make sure there is a clear line of sight between the IR extender and your remote.

Replace Remote Batteries
  1. Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the remote.
  2. Take out the old batteries and dispose of them according to your local battery recycling guidelines.
  3. Insert new batteries into your remote and replace the cover.
  4. Test your remote by pressing a button, such as Mute or Channel Up.