Cable TV Support

How do I reset my cable box?

The quickest way to reset your cable box is to unplug the power cord from the back of the box or at the wall outlet for 15 seconds. After reconnecting power and the box powers on, most channels should be available to watch immediately but certain features such as the menu or Video On Demand may take up to 30 minutes to load before they are accessible. Also, cable boxes with an Interactive TV Guide may show TBA or To Be Announced until the guide information reloads. Typically the first hour of programming will be available within 30 minutes but it will take multiple hours to load a guide that has capabilities of displaying two weeks of programming.

Midco® also has two options for you to remotely reset your video equipment (not compatible with TiVo equipment). Even though the equipment resets can be done away from the home, we would recommend for you to be near the video equipment to confirm the cable box powers off after the reset signal has been sent. If the equipment does not power off within a few minutes, we suggest trying to reset the cable box by unplugging the power cord.

Resetting your cable box may resolve issues such as:

  • "One Moment Please" error message displaying on some or all channels
  • Error messages or other issues when accessing or ordering Pay-Per-View
  • Error messages or other issues when accessing or ordering Video On Demand

Remote Reset Options and Instructions (not compatible with TiVo equipment)

Online (resets one, multiple or all cable boxes in the home):

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Under the Cable TV section, select Equipment
  3. Find the specific equipment needing to be reset either by the listed location or the serial number found on the bottom or back of the cable box and select Reset OR select Reset All to reset all cable boxes of the same equipment type

Over the phone (resets all cable boxes in the home):

  1. Call 1.800.888.1300
  2. Press 1 for services at your home
  3. Press 2 for technical support
  4. Press 1 for video services
  5. Press 1 to reset all video boxes