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Tips to Get the Most From Your Home's Alarm System

Midco SmartHOME alarm app

You’ve taken that step for peace of mind – installing a professionally monitored home security system. You know your home is protected 24/7/365, and if there’s an emergency, first responders or authorities will be dispatched immediately. Best of all, you have control over your system and can monitor it through the Midco SmartHOME app on your smartphone.

Once you’ve had it installed, though, there’s more to know beyond arming your system when you leave and disarming it when you get home.


When to Use the Three Armed States

Midco SmartHOME comes with three types of armed settings.

  1. Arm Stay – Use this setting when you’re home, but you want the door and window sensors and other perimeter sensors to be armed. Motion sensors remain unarmed, and the alarm will go off if door or window sensors are tripped. But before the alarm sounds, there’s a 120-second, silent delay that gives you time to enter your passcode before authorities are notified.
  2. Arm Night – Change your system to this setting when everyone is going to bed. Your door and window sensors remain armed; however, there is not an alarm delay. It will notify you and the central monitoring station immediately if sensors detect an open door or window.
  3. Arm Away – Choose this armed state when everyone is leaving your home. Motion detectors and door and window sensors are all armed. If they’re tripped, there is a default 30-second delay with audible beeps before the alarm sounds (to allow you time to put in the passcode).


What Happens When an Alarm is Triggered

When your system is armed and your sensors are tripped, your system notifies you (via text, email and/or the app) based on your rules and armed settings. It also sends a signal to our professional monitoring facility. A trained operator will either immediately dispatch emergency services or attempt to contact you and/or your emergency contacts.

  • The operator contacts you if the system detects a water leak or if a sensor loses contact with your system without dispatching emergency services.
  • The operator immediately dispatches emergency services if you use your duress code or trigger the silent or audible emergency alarm.
  • The operator attempts a verification call before dispatching emergency services if:
    • A fire alarm is activated on the touchscreen, a smoke detector detects smoke or a carbon monoxide detector senses CO
    • A perimeter alarm, door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered
    • A smash and grab alarm or a tamper alarm (if the system is armed and is tampered with) is triggered

If you accidentally trip your alarm, you can get into your Midco SmartHOME app or use your touchscreen to disarm your system. If our professional monitoring facility contacts you, answer the call and give them your secret word (also known as your central station passcode). Then you can cancel the alarm.


How to Get the Most from Your Security System

Add the Central Monitoring Station to your contacts.

The phone number for the central monitoring station for Midco SmartHOME is 1.800.475.3331. Add this number to your contacts – so you won’t ignore a random 800-number you don’t recognize.

Update your emergency contacts.

You must have a minimum of two emergency contacts – and you can manage them right in the Midco SmartHOME app. Make sure these contacts have your secret word, so the operator can confirm their identity as your contacts.

Add security cameras in your home.

Cameras are useful for more than monitoring delivered packages or seeing what your dog is doing during the day. The central monitoring station can tell you that sensors have been tripped, but can’t see the feeds from your cameras. You can use your view to confirm if authorities need to be sent and, if you’re not home, see when help arrives.


Home Security Support

 We’re here for you if you have questions. See how to set rules for your system, manage your passcodes and contacts, use the Midco SmartHOME app and more.

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The Midco SmartHOME app is not accessible from all countries outside of the United States. Customer is liable for damaged or stolen equipment, and for false alarms. False alarm ordinances may apply. Contact your local municipality for more information. For more, visit MidcoSmartHOME.com.