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MidcoTV Installation

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IMPORTANT: MidcoTV is not available in all areas. Visit Shop or contact us for TV services available in your area.


Order MidcoTV

In some cases, you can self-install your MidcoTV service, so you don’t need to wait for a tech to start streaming.1

  • New customers: Use our online shop to order MidcoTV. You’ll be given the option for self-install during the order process.
  • Current Midco customers: contact us to order MidcoTV.

Note: Self-installation isn’t available everywhere. If you’ve never had Midco services at your home or are a newly constructed home, you may require professional installation. Contact us to see if self-install is available for you.


Self-Install MidcoTV

Important: If you are also installing Midco internet services, make sure to set up your internet before starting your MidcoTV self-install.

Before Installation
  1. Have your Wi-Fi name and password ready if you’re connecting your MidcoTV equipment to Wi-Fi. Need help with your password?
    • You can also connect your MidcoTV to your internet with the included Ethernet cord. Only one Ethernet cord is included in each installation kit. If you have multiple MidcoTV receivers, you will need additional Ethernet cords or will have to connect the other receivers to Wi-Fi.
  2. Put your MidcoTV equipment in the open and off the floor.
  3. Keep your remote 3-6 feet from your MidcoTV equipment during setup.
  4. Be ready to sign in to your Google account during setup. You’ll need to connect to Google to download apps from Google Play. (You can skip this step and sign in later, if you prefer.)
Start Installation
  1. Make sure your Midco Internet is on and your TV is off.
  2. Connect the HDMI cord to your MidcoTV equipment. Plug in your HDMI cord to the TV. If you’re using an Ethernet cord for a wired connection, connect that also.
  3. Plug your MidcoTV receiver into power.
  4. Turn on your TV.
  5. Use your remote to match the TV input setting to the same HDMI input. Be sure to use your remote for the TV and not the MidcoTV remote.
  6. If you are a current Midco customer switching to MidcoTV, you will need to activate your new equipment in My Account. Log in to your My Account and scroll to the Services section. Under New, click Add and then follow the instructions to complete activation.
    • New Midco customers can skip this step. Your equipment is already activated.
  7. Follow the easy on-screen instructions.
  8. Have more MidcoTV receivers for other TVs in your home? Go back to step 1 and complete the same steps to connect your other TVs.
  9. Download the MidcoTV app from Google Play or the App Store to stream live TV, schedule recordings and more on your device.2

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Return Old Equipment

Have old Midco equipment to return? You have options for how to get that equipment back to us. Just make sure you include power cords, remotes and other accessories alongside your leased equipment.

Learn how to return old Midco equipment

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1 Installation options vary by address, existing Midco network technology connected to the service location and services selected. A one-time service fee of $100 for professional installation or $15 for a self-installation kit may apply.

2 Programming cannot be streamed outside your home internet connection. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.