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Search for Shows

MidcoTV makes it easy to find the shows you want to watch – whether they’re on live TV, ON Demand or on a streaming app. Search from your home screen or use your voice to search!

Search on the MidcoTV app

See how to use the MidcoTV remote

Press the Google Assistant button on your remote and ask Google to find a specific show or movie, a sports team on TV or a genre of movie or show. Google will search across connected streaming apps, live TV, your recordings and ON Demand shows and movies to find results.


Just press the button and wait for the Google search bar to appear on your screen. Then, issue a voice command, such as:

  • Search for a show title, such as “Jaws” or “Deadliest Catch.”
  • Ask Google to do a general search, like “What are some good horror movies?”
  • Find a specific sports team or league game by saying “Minnesota Wild” or “NHL hockey.”

Note: you must be signed in to your Google account to use voice commands. 

From the Home screen, select Search from the Navigation Bar or press 7 to quickly launch Search. Then start typing in your search query. You can search for:

  • A specific channel – “CBS” or “HGTV”
  • An actor or actress
  • Movie and TV show titles
  • Genre

Your MidcoTV will show you results from live TV, your recordings, ON Demand and apps like Netflix and Prime Video.

On-Screen Guide

Get quick access to your channel lineup. Just press the Guide button on your remote.

restart catch up.png

Icons in the guide help you find what you want to watch.

  • New shows are marked with a New.
  • Shows that are currently recording have a red circle icon next to the title.
  • Scheduled recordings are marked with a single check mark (for individual recordings) or a double check mark (for a OnePass series recording).

By default, the guide gives you shows that are on TV now or coming up within the next two hours. You can use your navigation ring (up, down, left and right buttons) to move through the guide.

  • Use the left and right buttons to move forward or backward in time.
  • Up the up and down buttons to scroll through the different channels.


To add a channel to your favorites in the guide:

  1. Use the left button on your remote to navigate to the channel column.
  2. Select the OK
  3. Choose Add to Favorite Channels.

After marking favorite channels, you can choose to view your favorite channels only in the guide. Highlight a channel name or number (not a specific show) and press OK. Then, press left or right to switch to favorites.

At a boring part of a show? Use QuickView to quickly see what’s on your favorite channels or what’s coming up next without missing any of your current show.

Mini Guide

To access the Mini Guide:

  1. Press the up button on your remote while watching live TV. The QuickView panel will appear over the show you’re watching with a mini guide.
  2. Use the up and down buttons on your remote to browse through your available channels.
  3. Select another show currently on live TV by highlighting it and pressing OK. Or, if there’s a program in the future you’re interested in watching, highlight that title and press OK to bring up recording options.

To access the SmartBar while watching live TV, press the down button on your remote. This gives you access to the shows you watch regularly and recommendations for shows on now based on what you usually watch.

Go back in time and watch shows you missed. Whether you found one already in progress you want to watch or missed a show completely, the Restart & Catch Up feature lets you catch up on shows you’ve missed in the last 72 hours.

In the main guide or the mini guide, shows that can be restarted are indicated with a green arrow icon.

restart catch up.png

  • To restart a show, simply highlight the show in the guide. Then press and hold OK.
  • You can also ask Google to start it over. Press the Google Assistant button and say, “Watch now from Start Over.” If you start watching a live show when it is already in progress, you’ll see a note on screen that says, “Press and hold OK to start over.”

Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Third-party monthly subscription is required for some apps. Network apps are subject to change. You must be signed in to your Google account in order to download apps from the app store or use voice commands.

This material includes references to products, services and/or equipment not manufactured by Midco. The respective companies retain trademark and registered trademark ownership for those referenced items.