Phone Support

Incompatible Phone Equipment

The following telephones/caller ID units are not compatible with Midco® phone service:

No Ring

  • Southwestern Bell GH4102
  • AT&T 5830
  • GE 21018GE3
  • GE 21028GE3 (with answering machine) 
  • Motorola MD700 Series
    • MD751
    • MD761 (with answering machine)
    • MD70

Other Issues

  • Memorex MPH3388 – Digits 1, 2 and 3 will not function.
  • Uniden DX/EX series – Caller ID with call waiting is functional; however, you may hear additional tones and signals after the initial call waiting indicator tone.
    • DXAI5188-2 (with answering machine)
    • EXI5160
    • DXI 386-2

If you have additional questions, contact us.